Geospatial Service Offerings :

Spatial Data Services:

IPP is a globally reputed provider of Geospatial Data Management services. With experience in Data Conversion, Migration, Conflation, Implementation and Maintenance Projects; we are one of the most accomplished firms in the industry today. Our services include:
  • Basemap Creation
  • Cadastral Mapping
  • Data Migration
  • Data Conflation
  • Data Maintenance
  • Imaging Services:

    With a team of highly skilled resources having digital image processing experience, and academic qualifications in remote sensing & earth sciences, IPP is well equipped in processing high-resolution Ortho imagery using various algorithms to achieve a high degree of accuracies for various sensors. IPP has handled large amounts of data from various satellite sensors such as Cartosat, IKONOS, QuickBird, Geoeye, etc., in addition, to high resolution aerial images. We provide the following remote sensing services to clients worldwide:
  • Geo Rectification and Ortho Rectification
  • Pan Sharpening
  • Ortho Mosaicing and Ortho quads generation
  • Satellite Mapping
  • Satellite Image Classification
  • Image processing and Analysis
  • Quality Assurance Services
  • Application Development Services:

    Our expertise ranges from building custom applications and application enhancements to application migration in all major GIS technologies such as ESRI, Autodesk, MapInfo, Smallworld, Bentley and various Open Source technologies. We offer the following development related services:
  • Development and Testing Services
  • Data Modelling and Migration
  • Content Integration and Implementation
  • Productivity and Automation Tool Development
  • Managed Support Services
  • Mobile Apps Development:

    GIS applications are quickly moving in to the mobile space with the staff of the user agencies enabling themselves with the smart phone devices. IPP team has expertise and Mobile Apps Consultants across multiple platforms such as Android, Blackberry, iOS and Windows Mobile.Our mobile apps development services cover:
  • Mobile application roadmap
  • Application and UI conceptualization
  • Multi-platform applications
  • Data Management Services:

    IPP’s Data Management services provides the client a solution to capture, store, manage, preserve and deliver content and other documents by adopting innovative strategies, methods and efficient tools. IPP provides customer-centric solutions ranging from Legacy Data Transformation, Catalogue Management, System Migration and creating Web Access Portals. Our services in this category include:
  • Data Sourcing and Accumulation
  • Data Validation and Verification
  • Data Transformation and Management
  • Document Mining and Cataloguing
  • Data Capture and Processing
  • Technical Publishing Services

  • Geospatial Technology & Industry Verticals

    Technology Areas:

  • ESRI Suite
  • GE Smallworld
  • Intergraph
  • ERDAS Suite
  • Map Info
  • Autodesk Suite
  • Bentley Suite
  • Industry Verticals :

  • Telecom
  • Water / Wastewater
  • Electric
  • Oil & Gas
  • Mining
  • Transportation
  • Land Administration
  • Environmental & Resource Mapping